We provide you with all important information for your trip in Ladakh and Zanskar.


For a trip to India you need a tourist visa. All important information about the application can be found here:

In addition, a travel health insurance needs to be taken out. Here, too, a look on the internet is very helpful.Since it is easier, if in case of flight delays or the like, the airline can get in touch with you direct, we ask you to book your flight tickets by yourself. Of course we are happy to help you with it.  If you need a taxi or hotel room (or any other service e.g. city tour) after arriving in India and you do not want to organize it by yourself, so feel free to ask us and we will arrange everything, so that you can arrive relaxed in India.

In Leh, we will pick you up at the airport and escort you to your guesthouse or hotel. If you wish, we can book the accommodation for you. After you took your time to arrive properly, we can now discuss all the details of your planned trekking tour face-to-face.

Leh is at an altitude of 3500m, so anyone arriving there suddenly from near sea level may experience acclimatization problems, or even more severe mountain sickness. The best prevention is to drink plenty of liquids (but not alcohol!) and to include at least two days of rest for acclimatization. Be careful not to over-exert yourself in these two days and not to carry too much. Only when you feel fit, you should start your trek.

During trekking, you are served three meals a day, as well as a snack and regular stops for a short break, where Ladakhis like to drink tea. Of course we attend to your wishes as far as possible while planning the meals. You will be surprised by the inventiveness of our chefs!

Most treks require 4 to 7 hours of walking per day. On longer tours rest days are included in the schedule. In summer your luggage is carried on horses on most of the treks. On the Chaddar trek in winter, we hire local porters for support. Consequently, you have to take only a small daypack with your personal belongings which you need during the day.

In summer you will sleep in two-man tents and eat in a separate kitchen tent. In winter, you sleep in caves along the river as well as in the homes of local residents. In Zanskar, Telephone and Internet connections exist only during summertime.

Since no tents, kitchen equipment etc. are needed for the homestay treks, also the horses as carrier are not needed. This means, you must carry what you need on personal items for the entire trek. You will be catered in your accommodation where you usually can expect a typical Ladakhi dinner. Even lunch for the next day of hiking you will get from there.

We are happy to provide you with a trek according to your wishes!


Now you are about to start your trek, let’s go! You will be brought by jeep to the starting point of the trek, accompanied by an experienced guide and depending of the trek by a chef, a helper and a horseman.



Do you have any further questions or would like to book your individual journey?