Himalayan Dragon offers specialised trips suited to your interests, including family, group of friends or individual trips. From cultural to spiritual, wildlife, adventure or sport trips.


Come and see the breathtaking landscape of Ladakh and Zanskar with your own eyes! The best way to do so is while trekking through uncountable mountains and valleys. We offer you a perfectly suited trek that fullfils all your trekking dreams.

Horse Riding

For horse lovers we offer horse riding, which you can perfectly combine with trekking. Or if you want to ride just a short time, we can also arrange that.

Motorbike Tours

The most independent way to explore Ladakh and Zanskar is with motorbike. If you would like to drive just for a day, or longer, alone or in a big group, we’ll arrange it for you.

Mountainbike Tours

This is another adventure tour that we organize around Ladakh, for groups or individuals.


In Ladakh, we have many peaks for climbing and expedetion. We organize expeditions to those peaks which are already submit by climbers and also organize to explore new peaks in the Himalayan, Zanskar and Karakoram range.


If you want to have an adventure on the water, then we can offer you rafting. There are some options for rafting in Ladakh and Zanskar, on the Indus or the Zanskar river.

Jeep Safari

The easiest way to explore all the must-see-places of Ladakh, like monasteries, lakes, museums, etc. is with a Jeep.

Homestay / Village Life

While trekking or just on its own, the best way to get a close look into ladakhi/ zanskari culture is to spend some time in one of the beautiful villages. We offer you a stay in a traditional house with the family and local food.


If you want to get to know the religious site of Ladakh from inside, then how about a stay in one of the numerous monasteries or in a nunnery. Here you can experience the Tibetan buddhism in practice.

Meditation and Yoga trips

We organize Meditation and Yoga trips in and around Leh, either for a day or a longer period.


If you are interested to learn local Handicrafts, like wood carfing, wall painting and others, we will bring you into contact with some of the local Handicraft masters.

Snowleopard Watching Tour

From January to April we can offer you our speciality: The Snowleopard Watching Expedition.

During this time, the snow leopards are coming down from the mountains and so it is more likely to watch these beautiful and shy animals.

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Himalayan Treks

Himalayan Dragon offers special treks in the whole area from three too fifteen days and with a maximum altitude of 5500 meters.