Himalayan Dragon not only offers treks around Ladakh and Zanskar. Our special mountain expeditions are also available for you. 


The Himalayan mountains are the highest mountains in the world

One of Ladakh’s most popular mountains is the Stok Kangri. With its 6150m and only 4 days average expedition time, it is one of the world’s easiest and fastest to climb summits in the world.

The Nun and Kun mountain range in Jammu and Kashmir, includes the two peaks Nun ( 7135 m ) and Kun ( 7077 m ). The Nun is the highest peak in the mountain range.

The Kangyatze ( 6400 m ) is a mountain in the Indian Himalaya in the region Ladakh. The mountain lies at the end of the Markha valley.

Stok Kangri

Area: Ladakh
Altitude ( max. ): 6150 meters
Expedition Duration: up to 5 Days


Area: Ladakh ( Markha Valley )
Altitude ( max. ): 6400 meters
Expedition Duration: 9 to 10 Days

Nun and Kun

Area: Zanskar
Altitude ( max. ): 7135 meters
Expedition Duration: 12 Days

Mentok Kangri

Area:  East Ladakh ( Changthang )
Altitude ( max. ): 6250 meters
Expedition Duration: 12 Days

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